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LogistiCare l Circulation innovating services to meet the changing needs amid COVID-19 pandemic

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on Apr 13, 2020 2:35:00 PM

Leveraging core business to deliver additional services for those in need.


LogistiCare meeting needs amid COVID-19 pandemic_04-13-2020

Atlanta, GA | April 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- COVID-19 has brought grief and hardship to many and instilled uncertainty to all. At LogistiCare l Circulation, we are focused on supporting our communities, patients and healthcare providers during these extraordinary times. 

LogistiCare l Circulation is innovating our services at record speed.  At its core, our company connects people, facilitating more than 63 million rides each year for our clients’ members and patients to and from their healthcare-related appointments.  During this period of social distancing, LogistiCare continues to enhance our Interactive Voice Response (“IVR”) system to allow identification of COVID-19 symptomatic members in order to route to the safest mode of transport.  In alignment with State Medicaid guidance and the CDC, it is our mission to provide access to all members while minimizing the risk to our transportation providers.

“We recognize more than ever, the need to provide access to wellbeing for our clients’ patients and members in their homes and community while supporting our healthcare workers in providing care,” said Monica Rivera MD MPH, VP of Business Development and Growth, LogistiCare l Circulation.    

Here are a few ways we are adapting our services and answering the calls for help:

  • Transportation for healthcare workers:  We have developed partnerships with integrated healthcare systems in Arizona, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York to provide transportation for their healthcare professionals to and from the hospitals and home care and enabling mobilization of staff to provide home care. 
  • Access to food:  Partnerships with large payers and states are ensuring that our members have access to necessities such as food during this unprecedented time.  Our network of transportation providers now will offer members rides to and from grocery stores in the same safe and reliable way they access transportation for their medical care. In the state of New Jersey, we are providing Medicaid members food delivery in multiple counties through partnerships with food banks.

Dan Greenleaf, President and CEO of LogistiCare, commented, “Given the current scenario of social distancing due to COVID-19, we are working around the clock with our partners to adapt our services to best support members, patients and healthcare workers in a safe and reliable way.  In this challenging environment, LogistiCare has responded by adding needed transportation services to members for grocery shopping and to healthcare professionals for their daily commutes.  We will get through this difficult phase together, ensuring that our transportation ecosystem continues to thrive.”  

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