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We Understand Families

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on Feb 8, 2017 2:07:03 PM

We-Understand-FamiliesAlan needed to get to the hospital. He had heart disease and he wasn’t doing well. His trip wasn’t urgent, but necessary. When the driver arrived at the house in Florida to pick Alan up, he was promptly met at the door by Alan’s wife. She took one look at the gurney they were about to roll into the house and she said no way. She couldn’t allow it. She didn’t even want the driver to come into the house with his shoes on. She was afraid of germs being tracked inside. It was a rather unusual predicament. Alan couldn’t walk. He was too ill. And he was too heavy to carry. The gurney was the only way.

The driver alerted the transportation provider, who began problem solving with LogistiCare. Fear of germs is a common anxiety disorder. The medical term for this phobia is mysophobia, which can be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and hypochondria. Our Florida staff and the transportation providers in our network, understand that quality transportation isn’t just about the member. It’s about the family too. Caregivers matter and have needs. And in this scenario, we needed to be just as respectful to Alan’s wife’s desire for cleanliness as to Alan’s needs to get to the hospital. Keeping his wife in a good mental state helps care for Alan.

We asked Alan’s wife if we could come into her home after laying down coverings between the door and the bedroom where Alan was. That way, we could roll the gurney without touching any flooring directly. She was very thankful. So funds were approved to buy the tarps from a nearby store. The tarps were quickly laid down. And after Alan was safely in the vehicle, staff rolled up the tarps with great care as to ensure no outside dirt would spill inside the house. The family was safe on their way to the hospital without added anxiety or concern, given their special circumstance. Every member matters. Every caregiver matters at LogistiCare.


NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the rights of our members and partners.

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