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LogistiCare deploying host of relief programs aimed to support transportation partners

Posted by Monica Rivera, MD MPH
in NEMT industry, Non-emergency medical transportation
on Apr 15, 2020 12:46:53 PM

COVID-19 pandemic having impact on partners across the country.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives and livelihoods of everyone in the LogistiCare family.  From the members who depend on us for access to healthcare, to our employees who understand that those needs do not shut down in a crisis, and the transportation providers who make it all possible.  At LogistiCare, we have never been more focused on reducing disruptions in care and in many cases improving access to care even in the midst of a crisis.  Healthcare workers are risking their lives and the safety of their families to provide care under unimaginable circumstances.  At the same time, our transportation providers face new risks to their traditional business models as a result of COVID-19 and we are here to help them all adapt to this new reality in healthcare. 


At its core, LogistiCare connects people, facilitating more than 63 million trips each year for our clients’ patients and members to and from their healthcare-related appointments.  Today we also are seeing opportunities to help members outside the walls of doctors’ offices.  The same people we transport on a daily basis need access to food and supplies.  We have worked with our transportation partners to fulfill these essential needs in dozens of newly minted partnerships across the country in a way that supports members, clients, communities and transportation providers.


Protecting the safety and sustainability of our transportation providers is one of our top priorities.  Small businesses are struggling to adapt and manage their businesses amidst this health crisis.  In addition to redirecting our service offering, we also are offering financial assistance to our important transportation partners.  Our transportation partners are the thread that connects members' and patients’ needs; these become more acute and widespread in a healthcare crisis.  We are proud to support our transportation provider network during these extraordinary times.  


LogistiCare is deploying a host of relief programs aimed to support our transportation providers as they battle the front lines of this pandemic:


  • Financial Assistance Program:  Our team is tracking volumes to offer millions of dollars in bridge loans to assist with working capital needs.  Also, we are offering to temporarily assist in providers' insurance.
  • Waiver on Timely Filing:  LogistiCare is temporarily suspending any fees associated with timely filing.  We are eliminating any denials and/or late-fee charges. 
  • Transportation Provider and Driver Credentialing Requirements:  In partnership with our clients, LogistiCare has adjusted minimum credentialing requirements to expedite the recruitment of additional transportation providers.  We also have extended the time for submission of non-essential driver credentialing and training requirements in order to support and maintain our transportation providers.


“Front-line transportation providers and drivers are true heroes in the COVID-19 crisis.  They know members cannot miss critical medical appointments such as a dialysis appointment or chemotherapy.  They are committed in providing safe and reliable rides knowing they could be putting their own health and the health of their families at risk. They have been remarkable in adapting their operations to follow the strict CDC guidelines to protect patients and themselves.  We are immensely grateful for our transportation providers’ dedication during these unprecedented times and intend for our recently implemented programs to provide them with needed support,” said Albert Cortina, COO of LogistiCare. 


Additional Resources 

CDC Guidelines


For more on LogistiCare’s response to the coronavirus pandemic visit our COVID-19 Resource Center. 


If you are a transportation provider partner and would like to learn more about these programs, please contact your local Provider Relations Manager (PRM) or email us using the button below.



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