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Posted by Modivcare
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on Nov 11, 2016 4:17:06 PM

"Hello- I'd like to pay compliments to two of the people staffing your "Where's My Ride?" line.

Helping-Doctors-Ensure-PatientsI am a pediatrician at the DHC and I had a baby scheduled to see me Wed afternoon at 1:30 pm at our clinic (their ride was scheduled with LogistiCare). This baby was developing increasingly complex issues and really needed some specialized labs and imaging and a subspecialty eval. I didn't think I could get him into a subspecialist that day, but on Wed am I opted to at least try to get him to Children's Hospital for labs and X-ray.

I called your line and Christie was very helpful and gracious and made all the necessary adjustments for the transportation, plus allowing for the two year old sib to accompany them as an escort (she had had an appointment at our clinic that day also). Just as I got off the phone, a miracle occurred and I was informed the pulmonary specialist COULD see them that day--but at 1pm and at their New Berlin clinic. I called back and got Sherita, who once again put up no objections at this last minute request for changing the destination again, PLUS the time. All were successfully adjusted, the baby was seen by the specialist, underwent lab and imaging testing at their site, and started on appropriate therapy in a timely fashion.

The flexibility of your staff in allowing this to happen ultimately saved LOTS of health care dollars by getting him to the place that could meet all his needs most efficiently AND avoiding a potential trip to the ER and maybe even hospitalization if this care had been prolonged much longer. AND they were both extremely kind and gracious and willing to help--I felt no resistance at all from them, their main concern was making sure these changes would work.

Kudos to them. Thank you!"

Dr. Barnhardt

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