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As the nation’s largest manager of non-emergency medical transportation programs for state governments and managed care organizations, LogistiCare improves care coordination for more than 24 million eligible members and their corresponding providers and hospital networks.

Our Members Are a Diverse Group

Posted by Steven Linowes
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on Apr 20, 2016 6:40:35 PM

Now, Members can reach us on their terms

Diverse-MembersWhen you take a good look at our members across the country, you’ll find that they include a broad range of people. Some are healthy. Some struggle with chronic conditions. Some have active caregivers helping them manage their health care plans. Others are quite capable of taking care of themselves. Some are technologically savvy and others don’t carry a smart phone on their hip, let alone surf the internet on a regular basis.

Because technology has evolved so quickly in consumer markets, members have the expectation that LogistiCare should be able to match those online experiences. If you can order a pizza from your phone, get a prescription refilled and not only know when your taxi cab is due to arrive, but also who the driver will be, there should be a LogistiCare app that makes it easy to connect with us too. At the same time, there are elderly members that we serve who have never used a smart phone before and don’t intend to start now. They would rather make a call, but their daughter who works all day may prefer a website that is open 24/7 to book her trips at night after her kids are asleep. LogistiCare is taking a broad look at its members and their needs and is working to accommodate everyone across all spectrums

We want people to be able to reach us on their terms, wherever or whenever that might be. While each region/state is still going to have its unique way of customizing their communications package with members, we’re taking steps to make sure members can reach us always and are well served whether they are in the mountains of Virginia or a busy hub like Los Angeles. Take a look at these members and their caregivers to see how they reach us. There are several options already.


Meet Sonia. Health care provider. Prefers a fax.

Sonia works at a kidney dialysis treatment facility and she helps coordinate the care of her patients by booking dozens of rides with us every week. It’s far more efficient for her to print out each patient’s schedule and fax it to us 7 days in advance. Kidney dialysis patients are consistently in her facility three times a week.


Meet Alyson. Caregiver of Special Needs Child on TANF. Prefers a member website.

Alyson is a busy single mom to Jessica. She just suffered a divorce and is receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Jessica requires occupational therapy once a week to help with her writing and fine motor skills. They receive mileage reimbursement for the trips that are 25 miles from her Texas home. Her mom finds the forms she needs to submit her trips from our website specially built for Texas members.


Meet Jacob. Member over 65 with glaucoma. Prefers a live person.

Jacob grew up in South Carolina in a boisterous household. He believes in good old fashioned southern hospitality and likes to fish. While his cell phone isn’t fancy, he calls to book his rides to his ophthalmologist. We take him to get eye drops regularly from his pharmacy. He’d prefer to speak to someone from our call center directly to confirm that his ride is booked.


Meet Elliot. Member with adult ADHD. Prefers his smart phone.

Elliot has a chronic mental disorder and needs regular counselling to make sure his meds are working to his benefit. He’s keeping healthy and staying on task at work because he has the access to care that he needs. He prefers to reach us through his smart phone.


Taking care of your health or someone else’s by booking the rides required to get such services is a necessary task towards a better end goal. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to do that in whatever communication mode that is most efficient for them. At the end of the day, we’re here to serve our members. No two are the same and we certainly don’t expect them to reach out to us in exactly the same way. There will always be a variety of ways to book your ride through LogistiCare.


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