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Members & Families Have a Variety of Options

You book the ride. We’ll ensure eligibility and schedule the right transportation provider to get you there. You have a variety of options.


Book and manage your ride by signing in now.



LogistiCare Trip Manager is available for iOS and Android.


Find the nearest Operations Center to assist you.


Send us an email to book your ride. Your operations center can assist you.



Send your request by fax. Call your operations center to get the right line for you.


 “I would like to attest that LogistiCare has been most diligent for all my medical travel needs… LogistiCare is aware of my myriad medical conditions and in the last 9 months working with them, I have never missed any of my medical appointments.”




Our expectation is that each trip is safely completed on-time and that all aspects of the service are delivered with compassion and respect. If the quality of service is ever less than desired, we investigate and respond swiftly. Please let us know right away. Our WeCare feedback system ensures your question or concern is assigned to the right person.

Our goal is to quickly address and resolve any concerns you may have.



If you need to schedule a trip, if you have a question or problem regarding an upcoming trip reservation, or if you need immediate attention, please call the reservation line for your location for quick assistance.





If you are in need of a particular form, there are a variety of member forms posted for your convenience. These forms vary by state and may include:

• Member Information Sheets

• Mileage Reimbursement

• Gas Reimbursement

• Physician Certification

• Parent Authorization/Consent

• How to Submit a Complaint

Click the link below, select your state, then click Downloads in the upper right corner.





If a driver or LogistiCare staff member has gone out of their way for you, please let us know. We’d love to hear your story and so would they!

 “Living in a small town access to medical care has always been an issue for me. Thanks to LogistiCare providing me with transportation for the last several years I have had no trouble getting to my specialist appointments. When I heard the contract was coming up for renewal soon I hoped that LogistiCare would be the one the state chooses. Thanks to LogistiCare I have been able to focus on my medical care and not on how to get there.”





There’s a special place in our hearts for family members that are taking care of a loved one – aging parents or spouses with kidney disease, are particularly taxed. And for the parents that have disabled or sick children… we can’t say enough. We strive to make coordinating their loved one’s rides as easy as possible. Family members can make reservations on behalf of those they care for in the same way a member would: book a ride, report a concern, make requests, they just need their member’s permission or to be a legal guardian. Often, family members can ride right along with patients, and in some states, we can provide friends and family members with mileage reimbursement if they’d prefer to take members to their doctor’s appointments in their own cars. No matter what’s most convenient, we want to make sure our families’ needs are addressed and that they take care of themselves too.


Knowledge is Power

When it comes to taking care of your own health, we believe knowledge really is power. We write about a variety of health topics that are important to members and their families on our blog. What do you know about:


Alzheimers_icon_small ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE

The cost of caring for those with Alzheimer’s could rise as high as $1.1 trillion by 2050, and the health of patient caregivers is also feeling the pain, experiencing such physician and mental stress that they had $9.7 billion in additional health care costs in 2014. But numbers and dollars don’t depict the real story of this devastating disease. And access to treatment within the communities that serve these patients – and their caregivers – is a front-line goal in the battle.



Kidney_icon_small KIDNEY DISEASE

Our drivers pick up a typical kidney dialysis patient three times a week and transport them to a hospital or clinic for a treatment that lasts roughly 4 hours. These patients lug books, magazines and sometimes electronic devices with them to beat the boredom while they are hooked up to the life-saving machine that cleans their blood. Other than the initial procedures and the needles no one seems to get used to, the treatment itself is painless. The nurses and other patients at the clinic often become a great support system and help prevent depression that can set in on patients.




Aimed at keeping people healthy at home and in their communities, biometric monitoring uses advanced technology, like the Internet of Things, to improve health proactively. With biometric monitoring, patients and their providers are alerted of a potential problem often before the patient experiences an issue. For heart patients released from the hospital, home monitoring kits can often save them from frightening and costly complications and readmission. For those with chronic conditions, biometric monitoring can keep their health on track and keep them at home longer.



Preventive_icon_small PREVENTIVE SERVICES

Taking advantage of preventative services isn’t only cost-effective – and in most cases free – it’s also important for overall patient and public health. Under the Affordable Care Act, 15 preventative services for adults are free, including annual wellness exams, immunizations, mammograms, and other key screenings. And because preventative exams identify potential problems early, they can be addressed and have patients back to their daily lives before they know it.


Compassion. Accuracy. Reliability. Efficiency. The support we provide makes all the difference.LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corp. (Nasdaq: PRSC), is the nation's largest provider of non-emergency medical transportation programs for state governments and managed care organizations. A long-time advocate for access to care, the company also supports integrated health care programs that better care coordination efforts, improve outcomes, and ultimately reduce costs.

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