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Extra Care Makes All the Difference

Kenny Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for LogistiCare, is leading the way and bringing his vision to life.  His vision is building a Best in Class customer service experience for our clients, our transportation provider partners, and the members we serve.  

Hear what Kenny plans to implement to make LogistiCare’s customer experience, Best in Class.





At LogistiCare, our mission is to empower passionate people to provide quality access to human and health care services through technology, innovation, and community partnerships while meeting commitments to our stakeholders.
Our relationships with clients, members, and the community are the foundation of our business, and we treat every interaction, program, and ride with compassion, respect, and a human touch. It’s the reason why more states trust us with their business and members than any other manager.
We value our client relationships with a heightened sense of responsibility that makes LogistiCare the long-term vendor of choice. In fact, many clients turn to us after being left in a predicament by a vendor that can’t deliver on their word. We work diligently to take on those programs—often in 30 days—and to turn problems into results. From the partnerships we forge to the members we serve, our values guide our journey.


our most important role is serving and giving back



For the elderly, disabled, and frail who live at home and can no longer safely drive, one of the most vexing barriers to getting the care they need is transportation. The added worries about rides can take a toll on families. LogistiCare is committed to reducing that stress by taking that burden away and providing timely, reliable, compassionate service that gets members the care they need.
When they need it.

Children Adults


For the children, parents, and healthy adults we serve, we understand that preventive care is crucial to spotting and resolving health issues before they cause long-term problems. We help these members keep up with preventative care by providing transportation they don’t have access to. Healthy children, parents, and adults make for a healthier community, which leads to a brighter future.



We don’t stop there. We take social responsibility up a level, protecting access to health care on a national basis, fighting kidney disease, helping the health care industry spot trends in populations with data aggregation, and serving alongside local advocacy groups. READ MORE >


LogistiCare is the largest non-emergency medical transportation manager in the country. We’re also the most flexible at customizing our services. We’re large enough to provide our clients with the security of a publically traded company, yet still nimble enough to ensure the programs we manage are tailored to our clients’ and members’ specific needs – and that our services, technology, and teams can scale up and down to meet demand. That’s what sets us apart.

Unlike a family-run business or smaller private companies, we must remain compliant with Federal, State, and local regulations at all times. But complying isn’t enough. It’s our goal to go beyond. We have maintained our position as the industry’s leader in cost effective NEMT solutions by listening to the needs of our clients and their members, lining up business rules, remaining flexible – and changing and adapting accordingly as needed.

Today’s healthcare landscape doesn’t allow for cookie-cutter approaches. On scale with Medicaid expansion, we’ve met the challenge of ramping up state programs by hundreds of thousands of members, while still understanding and accommodating the sometimes subtle variations among State Medicaid benefits. We’re customization experts.

Want to know more? Learn how LogistiCare scaled to meet the needs of New York State’s Medicaid transportation management contract.


There is no shortage of companies that focus on technology for technology’s sake. That’s not LogistiCare. We approach innovation and emerging technologies from a client and member perspective and carefully align our innovative programs and technologies with their unique needs.

It Starts With Our Platform Then The Innovation Begins

It Starts With Our Platform

Our technology platform supports everything we do, from eligibility to claims submission, and is the integration hub that combines both transportation management and communications functionality. LogistiCare’s platform, LogistiCAD®, is a private cloud‐based solution that provides flexibility and scalability.

The flexibility of our platform allows us to take the State’s contract requirements and approved policies and procedures, translate them into business rules, and enter them into our system’s business rules engine. Our flexible platform automates processes and creates efficiency and consistency in program delivery and contract compliance.


Then The Innovation Begins

At the end of the day, communication is key to delivering our services. We continuously invest in and test new technology and functionalities to understand and optimize the real-life scenarios our clients, members, and drivers experience on the road – then deliver new functionality that improves the customer experience and our performance. Take GPS tracking as an example. Integrated with LogistiCAD, our vehicle tracking capabilities provide real‐time visibility of vehicles, monitoring of pick‐up and drop‐off times, and accurate claims adjudication. With this technology, LogistiCare is able to proactively identify service issues in real-time and take corrective actions. Transportation providers reported that GPS resulted in:

  • ArrowA shortened payment cycle
  • ArrowThe ability to accommodate 5% more trips
  • ArrowReduced on-the-road paperwork
  • ArrowImproved connectivity between drivers and dispatchers