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LogistiCare Delivers Food to Bayonne Residents in Need

Posted by LogistiCare
in NEMT industry, Community Service, Culture of Care
on May 8, 2020 10:15:00 AM

LogistiCare works with the Community FoodBank of New Jersey to Deliver Food to Bayonne Residents in Need.

LogistiCare Delivers Food to Bayonne Residents in Need - 05-08-2020

Bayonne, NJ | May 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –  Together, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and LogistiCare, the nation’s largest non-emergency medical transportation company and the contracted transportation vendor for New Jersey Medicaid participants, is using its temporary, excess capacity to deliver food to residents of Bayonne at a time it is needed most.   

The food delivery program which started on April 30, utilizes the services of LogistiCare’s transportation provider, Active Transport, to deliver food to food insecure members of the community, who would have previously relied on public transportation to go to the store or to find other food sources. Food has been delivered to nearly 200 families who are identified as recipients through their local food pantries based on need.  

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for Bayonne residents to secure essential items,” said Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti of the 31st Legislative District which covers all of Bayonne. “With the help of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and LogistiCare, Bayonne residents can now feel more at ease knowing they will have food delivered safely to their homes.”

“The support given to the City of Bayonne by the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and LogistiCare is overwhelming,” said Bayonne City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski. “The word of the day is cooperation. The resources connected by Assemblyman Chiaravalloti shows the community that good things happen when government officials work together. I am honored to have taken the lead to coordinate this effort on the city side.”

“The process to apply for food delivery is quite simple,” said Lori Bonderowitz, Senior Vice President of New Jersey Client Services for LogistiCare. “Bayonne residents register with us for the delivery service, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey provides the food packages, and we use our pre-existing resources to create routes, pick up food, and complete the delivery. There is nothing more rewarding for us than to be able to help those who need it most,” Bonderowitz added.

LogistiCare’s on-going relationship with the State of New Jersey and its new relationships with food banks, municipalities, nonprofits and government entities, represents the company’s ability to adjust to meet the needs of the state’s most vulnerable residents during this critical time.

About the Community FoodBank of New Jersey

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey (CFBNJ), a member of Feeding America®, has been delivering food, help and hope across the state for 45 years. Last year, CFBNJ provided nutritious food for over 50 million meals through its network of more than 1,000 community partners including pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, mobile pantries, and child and senior feeding programs. For our hungry neighbors, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey is the powerful agent of change that fills the emptiness caused by hunger and provides resources that are essential to earning a sustainable living. For more information about the Community FoodBank of New Jersey visit

About Providence Service Corporation and LogistiCare

LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corporation, is the nation’s largest manager of non-emergency medical transportation (“NEMT”) programs for state government agencies and managed care organizations. LogistiCare’s services include NEMT ride management, call center management, transportation provider network development and credentialing, and vendor administration.

LogistiCare is focused on providing access to convenient, cost-effective, safe and reliable transportation. LogistiCare delivers tech-enabled solutions that provide enhanced functionality, stronger network performance, streamlined workflow processes, and higher overall system efficiency. Annually LogistiCare manages over 63 million trips for more than 24 million eligible riders in 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information about LogistiCare 



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