Getting care to members where they live

Offering Integrated Health Services that deliver solutions through a single point of contact.


It’s no secret that health care is at a crossroads. As skilled nursing facilities reach capacity, and families work long hours away from home making it difficult to care for sick relatives, the service gap for the most vulnerable of our society – the sick and elderly – grows wider.

LogistiCare is closing that gap by offering Integrated Health Services designed to help keep people at home longer, living as vital members of their communities, while still receiving the skilled care they require. We have unparalleled experience delivering services to millions of members in communities across the country. Those same members can benefit from an umbrella of Integrated Health Services that support and augment the care of our clients and health care providers.


Integrated Health Services Wheel

Integrated Health Services Wheel
Call Center


We extend the provision and support of health care into the member’s home with telephonic care, biometric monitoring, disease management, and care transitions

Client Program


We develop specialized care networks, provide referrals to health care services in the community, engage member participation in programs, and track benchmarks for targeted services and care.

Independent Living


We provide supportive services to members – like medical and non-medical supportive care, meal delivery and health risk assessments – so they can live healthy lives in their own homes for longer periods.


What’s Special About Our Integrated Health Services?

First, we customize our service offerings based on the needs of our clients and their unique population’s requirements. Then, we pair these services with a network of exceptional vendors and a concierge-friendly, single point of access for members. We also handle all aspects of service provision and member experience. That means client organizations save valuable time and resources — and members receive quality care where they live.

LogistiCare has served our clients for over 25 years, partnering with them to become their client’s outsourced transportation department handling all aspects of delivery from call intake, to network development and oversight, to claims processing. Integrated Health Services are delivered much in the same way and are designed to help support our clients as they continue to move towards providing more services in the community. These new areas focus on (1) providing health monitoring & support services to members in the community (2) developing vendor cross-pollinated solutions to address specific problematic areas that a plan may have (3) delivery of a menu of services to help members continue living in their homes.

By augmenting programs of our client and partner organizations, we help resolve problematic areas and launch new health initiatives that complete the last mile of care delivery to members in the community.


Call Center


Monitoring & Support

What if a member could make a call, 24/7, no matter what they were struggling with, and someone on the other end familiar with their problem or condition was there to help. That’s how our Monitoring and Support programs work. Nurse triage, telephonic urgent care, and post-discharge transitional or chronic disease management support questions can all be screened over the phone. An educated health care worker is there to help the member immediately versus waiting for a doctor’s office to open in the morning or sitting in an ER waiting room all night because they had run out of options.

Our members and their caregivers aren’t experts at everything. Sometimes a little reassurance that they are doing everything they can to make a loved one more comfortable after a hospital visit is all they need to know to stay on track. We make sure they get that assistance.

Our Services Include:
  • bullet_greenNurse Triage
  • bullet_greenTelephonic Urgent Care
  • bullet_greenCare Transition Support
  • bullet_greenDisease Management
  • bullet_greenBiometric Monitoring
Call Center
We go beyond typical nurse triage programs that refer members out for services. Instead, LogistiCare stays connected to members while they find appropriate providers, schedule appointments, and get the care they need. We recently measured the impact of our call center monitoring and support services completing the entire care experience. The result? A 260%+ return on investment, and healthier, happier members.
Client Program


Client Program Support

If members aren’t utilizing their preventive care benefits or being screened for health conditions, then health care costs will spiral out of control. Members need education on how to take better care of themselves, from getting to the doctor for a checkup or screening when they feel perfectly fine to educating them on general and personalized wellness programs and care plans they have access to. Catching disease early prolongs, if not saves, lives and usually results in far less invasive procedures. Keeping up-to-date data figures according to HEDIS will help assure compliance.

These critical steps ensure members are more actively engaged in their own health care. LogistiCare’s Integrated Health Services delivers client program support that connects clients with members at home to improve engagement and outcomes.

Our Services Include:
  • bullet_greenProgram Engagement
  • bullet_greenHEDIS Support
  • bullet_greenER Cost Containment
  • bullet_greenCommunity Health Support
Client Program
Outreach is our specialty – we know our members, and they know us. That’s why clients turn to us for support in outreach efforts. We recently proposed one MCO engage members through a multi-faceted outreach program for cervical cancer screenings. We would provide support through education, outbound campaigns, access to transportation, scheduling of service, and management of incentives.
Independent Living


Independent Living Support

Sometimes all it takes for the elderly and sick to stay at home is a little extra help. Over the years, programs to support the elderly and homebound have demonstrated the difference such services make. Delivering a lunchtime meal brought more than nutrition – it delivered much needed interaction. Phone health risk assessments have helped members recognize signs of trouble before they manifest. Even help with household chores could prevent a fall and an emergency room visit.

Today, we’ve raised the bar for providing support to populations in need using innovations in technology, service, and the lessons learned through decades of experience. We’ve learned a lot about caring for members where they live – and the benefits to clients and members, which range from better outcomes to cost containment. Most importantly, Integrated Health Services that support independent living are proven to keep members more vibrant and healthy, living as vital members of their families and communities longer.

Our Services Include:
  • Bullet GreenIndependent Living Support
  • Bullet GreenMeal Delivery
  • Bullet GreenHealth Risk Assessments
Independent Living Support
When members live independently, completing health assessments is critical for ongoing health monitoring. LogistiCare has an 86% success rate at engaging members we contact to fully complete their health assessments.


To learn how LogistiCare’s Integrated Health Services can help improve member outcomes by
augmenting existing programs with support and leveraging new ones, please contact:

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