LogistiCare Solutions, LLC

Compliance and Ethics Plan and Code of Conduct

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

LogistiCare|Circulation has among the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics in the business community. Maintaining and enhancing our excellent reputation for integrity is essential to our success. This Compliance and Ethics Plan and Code of Conduct is based upon our shared values and is carried out through our conduct every single day. 

Our first and foremost focus is on people: our clients and their members, our LogistiCare|Circulation family, our business associates, and our neighbors in the communities in which we operate. We expect excellence and results while always acting with honesty, integrity, fairness, and personal accountability. Your daily commitment to these values must be demonstrated in all of your business dealings and relationships, whether they are with the people we serve, co-workers, subcontractors, the public, vendors, regulators, or competitors. 

In every relationship, you should meet the following standards:

1. Honesty

Be truthful in what you say and do. Never make misrepresentations, dishonest statements, or communications intended to mislead or misinform. If it appears that anything you have said has been misunderstood or if you have made an incorrect statement, correct it promptly.

2. Integrity

Do the right thing, both ethically and legally. Never personally participate or assist anyone inside or outside of our Company (including regulators) in conducting or facilitating illegal or unethical conduct. Do not “look the other way” if you suspect or become aware of such activities. 

3. Fairness

We are a competitive and confident Company, and will explain in a fair and accurate manner the advantages of our services. We do not intimidate, threaten, or disparage another person or organization in conducting our business. You may explain the legitimate advantages of doing business with the Company, but you must not do anything that could be construed as misleading or coercive.


4. Communication

Always remember that you are part of a team and a community. If you have a question, if you are not sure what to do, or if you suspect someone inside or outside of the Company may be doing the wrong thing, seek counsel and get help.  This Compliance and Ethics Plan and Code of Conduct describes several ways to do this, including contacting your supervisors, the Chief Compliance Officer and National Director of Ethics & Compliance, the Human Resources Department, the Legal Department, and the anonymous Ethics Hotline.     

The values outlined here must guide our business activities and personal behavior at all times. It is critical that each of you who conduct business on the Company’s behalf not only understand these principles, but also remain personally committed to fully adhering to them. I thank you for integrating these ethical principles and standards into your everyday life and work.

R. Carter Pate, Interim CEO

Download the complete Corporate Ethics Plan.