Together, We Can Move Mountains

Millions of people depend upon the strength of our robust transportation network


Driving for LogistiCare means making a difference in the lives of others. 

Our clients depend on us to build the best non-emergency transportation network possible for our members – and our national network of 5,500+ transportation providers delivers. They are willing to invest in and commit to some of the industry’s most stringent requirements. And they do it because they know they are responsible for helping to improve the health and quality of life for the members they transport. Just read the words one daughter wrote about her mother’s driver below.

“…I have been contracted with LogistiCare since 2013 and I hold them in the highest regard. Their dedication to the providers contracted with them has been exceptional, in addition to their consistency with trip assignments, handling of issues and concerns that may arise and timely payment of my invoices has allowed my company to thrive.”

—Rodney Moser, CJM Transportation, LLC


Why do so many providers prefer working with LogistiCare? We ensure that schedules are filled so they run efficiently and profitably. We’re sensitive to investment needs and we care about their success. Driving with us gives providers access to advanced processes and technology. You don’t have to buy into an expensive GPS system with us, especially if you already have one in use. We’ll integrate you into our systems.

Our GPS and reporting tools make it easier to do business with us. We’ve even created a faster track for submitting claims and receiving payment. Automated reporting helps providers keep track of their credentialing data. Automatic alerts help providers monitor upcoming expiration dates for driver’s license, insurance certificates, and background checks.

See how we support small businesses with a formula that works.


LogistiCare takes a hands-on approach to the credentialing process to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. This process includes a review of safety compliance procedures, driver and attendant background checks, drug testing, and site visits where vehicle and driver inspections take place.

LogistiCare also has field monitors that conduct spot inspections using tablets to capture date, time, geo‐location, and photographs of every vehicle they inspect. Vehicle information is uploaded directly into our LogistiCAD system and used by our credentialing department to assist in tracking compliance with maintenance schedules, operating conditions, and licensing requirements. 



During the site visit, LogistiCare inspects provider records and vehicles, focusing on adherence, documentation, and commitment to contract standards. The transportation provider must produce:

  • Bullet BlueAn operations manual
  • Bullet BlueA certificate of insurance
  • Bullet BlueRecords of criminal background checks and drug testing for drivers and attendants
  • Bullet BlueVehicle information and recent maintenance schedules
  • Bullet BlueDrivers’ licenses and required business licensing



Once a transportation provider is approved, all personnel must successfully complete specific training and education required by federal regulations within 90 days of contracting with LogistiCare and annually thereafter. LogistiCare does not conduct the mandated training and education programs, but rather provides transportation providers access to current materials as applicable to providing non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) to Medicaid and Medicare members. These materials include but are not limited to:

  • Bullet BlueGeneral Compliance Training
  • Bullet BlueEthics and Code of Conduct Education
  • Bullet BlueCombatting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Bullet BlueSafeguarding HIPAA Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Bullet BlueAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Education
  • Bullet BlueMember Health, Safety, and Welfare Education
  • Bullet BlueCultural Competency Education

To access these materials and more please visit the Transportation Provider page on and login using the Transportation Provider Login button in the top right to access the Transportation Provider Portal where you can select your state and login to obtain appropriate materials.

As a benefit to our transportation providers, LogistiCare also offers access to driving training programs created by nationally accredited institutions at a fraction of the cost.


Compliance IconCOMPLIANCE

On an ongoing basis, providers must demonstrate compliance with set standards for field audits, performance and record keeping, as well as complaint response and reporting. All credentialing information must be current. We help providers achieve this with continuous communication. Clients have peace of mind in knowing that their members are being transported in the safest, most reliable manner possible.

Interested in Driving with Us?


LogistiCare is only as successful as the transportation providers in our network. If our providers are struggling, we help them identify problem areas and find solutions. We’ve built numerous support features into our management model, including paying transportation providers faster than any other manager. We know what it takes. It’s a formula that works – one that delivers benefits for our mutual success and the quality of care for our members. What can you expect from LogistiCare?

  • bullet_blueRevenue stability
  • bullet_blueIncreased business volume as a reward for strong performance
  • bullet_blueRobust GPS systems that automate information for claims
  • bullet_blueSmall business advisement
  • bullet_blueGroup purchasing power for driver credentials, vehicle maintenance, and more
  • bullet_blueImproved trip coordination and trip assignments
  • bullet_blueFaster payment via web-based billing


We recognize the challenges faced by our network in obtaining competitively priced insurance, so we have partnered with Sovereign Risk Solutions to ensure you have access to a noted industry specialist. Sovereign has direct representation of the leading insurance companies writing medical transportation insurance who will aggressively compete for your business as a LogistiCare credentialed provider. This program is available in all states and is offered entirely as an optional service for your benefit.

For more information about insuring your vehicles through Sovereign, please email Taylor Westbrook, call 866-455-5413  , or begin the quoting process by visiting Sovereign’s website.

For service requests or to make changes to existing policies placed through Sovereign, please email or call 800-251-5732  .


Have you thought about giving back to your community by helping those in need? Becoming a LogistiCare community driver gives you a chance to help others by assisting our members in getting to their non-emergency medical appointments.

If you enjoy meeting new people and are considering options for volunteering, become one of our community drivers. You’ll be helping others remain independent, hopeful, and healthier. And we’ll provide you with reimbursement for your services based on your per-trip mileage.

Contact us to learn how you can make a difference.



For all Transportation Provider and Driver Safety training questions, please click here for more information and how to best submit your questions.