UVA health


“Being able to depend on LogistiCare to assist me with setting up transportation has been wonderful. Not only have the employees always been courteous, they are also responsive… I feel like they really understand how essential finding reliable transportation for patients to and from dialysis is and have made it a priority. As the social worker for these two centers, this is very important to me. It is refreshing to work with an agency, such as LogistiCare, that works so diligently to put the patients first.”


UVA- Dialysis Program



“LogistiCare has been our client transportation provider for over 10 years. Their service is crucial to our participant’s ability to attend their daily appointment at the treatment program. The administrative staff and representatives of LogistiCare have worked diligently with us to ensure transportation in a timely structured and steady manner.”


Executive Director of Addiction Services NHS Eastern Region



“LogistiCare has been a great partner with Fairfax County Government to ensure we have accessible and affordable transportation for older adults and individuals with disabilities in our region. I fully support LogistiCare Solutions efforts and I look forward to working with LogistiCare Solutions and participating in efforts to meet the needs of older adults and individuals with disabilities in our regions.”


Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services



“As a premier provider, we have a great working relationship with them (LogistiCare) as well they provide tremendous service for the communities they serve. They are always punctual and willing to assist us in a professional manner, and have helped our organization grow over the years. Recently we have had to work with other Brokers, and they cannot come close to the organizational practices or timelessness that LogistiCare offers.”


Guardian Emergency Medical Services, Inc.



“My general impression is that LogistiCare deserves the highest of recommendation and level of trust. Their expertise and specialized knowledge of NEMT are unrivaled and irrefutable. ..”


Timeline Cab Company, LLC