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Forging Great Programs for Our Transportation Providers to Ultimately Improve Service and Access to Care

Posted by Steven Linowes
in care management services, Healthcare logistics, Access to Care, Blog, Care Coordination, Care Coordination & Logistics, Managing Transportation, Non-emergency medical transportation
on Feb 28, 2016 10:11:28 PM

Transportation_Providers_icon-150x66Improving access to care means thinking differently about how we do things now, and deciding what it might take to do it better. To lay the groundwork that would raise the bar, we created a cross functional team targeted at improving efficiencies for transportation providers. The team led by Gregg Bryars– SVP of Operations wants providers to benefit from the new initiatives so they can help us create even better member experiences. Transportation Providers are the critical link to ensuring quality service for the fragile and disadvantaged members that we serve. Technology, communication, training and advocacy are all part of the plan.

Technology is going to play a key role in bettering how we work with transportation providers. We’ve been sensitive to their investment needs and we’re rolling out very effective GPS tracking and reporting tools that will make it easier to do business with us. We’ve even created a faster track for payment. Besides these provider benefits, members benefit because we have more accurate information on vehicle locations. We piloted the technology in NJ for over a year to better understand the impact on both our transportation providers and our operations. That effort gave us the blueprint for how we should roll this out nationally and have begun implementing similar programs in GA, NM, and HI. You’ll begin seeing this technology in your operations soon. As one of our clients said to us, this is a “game changer” for our members. You can read more about the GPS program here. But that’s not all we have in store.

We’re formulating a quarterly newsletter specifically designed for transportation providers to share information and instill a culture of excellence among them. We’re also appointing a Provider Relations Ombudsman in certain operations. If transportation providers have a question, the local ombudsman will be able to assist them without tying up the Ride Assistance lines.

We’re also redesigning training so that bringing new transportation providers into our network is consistent and carries the local customization required to do the job right. In addition, we are going to conduct informal new driver meetings. We’ve found that if they understand the importance of servicing our members with compassion and empathy, they will give the extra effort necessary to ensure a quality experience. Finally, we are planning an annual advisory group meeting at the regional level with our largest providers to get a better understanding of the challenges from their perspective while identifying future solutions for success.

Together, we’re going to better our transportation provider relationships in order to create the future enhancements that will improve services. It’s all driven to deepen both our transportation providers’ commitment to better service and a member-driven experience.

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