LogistiCare Solutions LLC was founded in 1986 as a logistics software solution developer offering data technology to the ambulance industry. Seeing the challenges our clients faced in managing transportation operations, we entered into the transportation consulting business. In the mid‐1990s, we switched our focus to non‐emergency medical transportation (NEMT) as our sole line of business. Our first clients included HMOs in Connecticut where we implemented the first statewide Medicaid NEMT network management system and the State of Georgia where we created a statewide NEMT brokerage system that cut the expense for Medicaid transportation services by 35 percent while increasing participant access by 300 percent. 

In September 2018, LogistiCare completed the acquisition of Circulation, Inc. The acquisition of Circulation significantly advances the company’s central mission of reducing transportation as a barrier to healthcare.

Circulation offers technology-enabled logistics solutions and analytics for managing non-emergency transportation across healthcare. Its HIPAA compliant digital platform, and digitally integrated transportation network, enables automated administration of transportation benefits and simple ride scheduling and trip assignment by call centers, healthcare facilities, case managers, caregivers, and members/patients. While LogistiCare’s current customer base is primarily focused on state agencies and MCOs servicing Medicaid and Medicare lives, Circulation serves a broader mix of payers and healthcare facilities.

Annually LogistiCare manages over 63 million trips for more than 24 million eligible riders in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our experienced people, tech-enabled solutions, and proven ‐ effective processes enable us to tailor each program to meet the specific needs of each client and individual.

Our Timeline

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