Ensuring members get there with ease
Managing NET programs cost effectively with the utmost care


In order to take advantage of your health care benefit you need to get to your doctor’s appointment. Both state governments and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) know that overall health care costs go down when people have appropriate access to health care. Transportation can bridge the gap. LogistiCare helps keep people healthy by getting them there. States and MCOs hire us to manage their non-emergency medical transportation (NET) programs efficiently, coordinating with drivers, health care professionals, social workers, families and agencies. LogistiCare administers all the logistics of the program as a manager; putting the needs of members first.

There are a variety of ways to get there. 


As the largest and longest running NET vendor in the country, LogistiCare offers our clients financial stability and the most experience in the industry to model and execute a customized, high quality cost-effective transportation program. Nationwide, LogistiCare is the preferred choice for State transportation contracts, with multiple contract renewals (CT, DE, GA, OK, and VA). Our track record speaks to the confidence that our clients have in us to deliver safe and reliable services year after year. LogistiCare takes great pride in being the industry leader. Read more about why states and MCOs choose LogistiCare first.

65M trips managed


24M eligible members served

41 States

41 States + District of Columbia



The members we serve are a broad range of people. Some are healthy. Some struggle with chronic conditions. Some need active caregivers to help them manage their health care plans. Others are independent and capable of taking care of themselves. Some are technologically savvy and others are not. We want to make access to health care easy so members can reach us as they prefer—phone, fax, mobile, desktop—wherever or whenever a member needs transportation to a doctor. Members can contact us 24/7/365 and are well served whether they are in the mountains of Virginia or a busy hub like Los Angeles. Take a look at our location map.

5000+ Transportation Providers

99% Member

30+ Operation Centers & Regional Offices




Members, families, social workers, and health care professionals all book rides via our online reservation portals or call centers. LogistiCare ensures eligibility and schedules the most appropriate transportation provider to meet their needs.



Drivers pick members up at their homes, take them to their appointments and bring them home in a timely manner. If that ride doesn’t happen to the member’s satisfaction, we care, and will assign a staff member to help. More often than not drivers go above and beyond the call of duty.

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LogistiCare monitors the ride as it is taking place via a number of safety measures, including GPS tracking and random curbside checks by field monitors. Good quality means ensuring the ride happens as intended. Vigilant monitoring is key to that effort.



State agencies and advocacy groups often turn to LogistiCare to help them solve community health care challenges and create better outcomes for members. We make it easy for state agencies and MCOs to pull population reports via their own portals so information is at the ready.


working with state agencies, managed care organizations, transportation providers, and health care professionals

Coordinated care is a logistical endeavor. While some members visit the same lab for dialysis treatments three times a week, other members may need assistance from multiple health care professionals. As a transportation manager truly committed to serving members with compassion and excellence, we work with all these organizations and more to make sure that members get where they need to go in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Compassion. Accuracy. Reliability. Efficiency. The support we provide makes all the difference.LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corp. (Nasdaq: PRSC), is the nation's largest provider of non-emergency medical transportation programs for state governments and managed care organizations. A long-time advocate for access to care, the company also supports integrated health care programs that better care coordination efforts, improve outcomes, and ultimately reduce costs.

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