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Making Member Access & Integrated Health Support Our Priority

Our dedication to accessible health care and to keeping members healthy, vital members of their communities takes many shapes and forms. From our hand in expanding member access with the largest non-emergency medical transportation (NET) deployment in New York City, to innovative community services like our RidePlus program, to health risk assessment results with great participation rates, we partner with our clients to make a difference. Ensuring that our clients make their goals in serving members is what we strive for every day and we make sure the programs, technology, and analytics are in place to help them do it.


Through Partnership


When the NY State Department of Health Office of Health Insurance Programs needed assistance in providing more than 3.5 million members access to transportation for their health care appointments, they turned to LogistiCare. We delivered the largest implementation of Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation management in history.



Our network of drivers are key in our commitment to provide members with access to care. With more than 5,500 providers operating over 35,000 vehicles across the country, our team has the largest, most robust and committed transportation network available. These transportation providers ensure our members get where they need to be safely and on time.



Leaders never stop leading. That’s how we approach innovation – leading the way with analytics technology applicators for health care data and the delivery of new integrated health services, like nurse triage and health care assessments. In the quest for accessible care, we aren’t just examining trends, we’re setting them.



LogistiCare recruits and hires seasoned Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Approximately 10% of all LogistiCare CSRs are bilingual. What sets us apart from other transportation managers is our overall culture of care, which impacts every aspect of our business, from hiring, training, managing and monitoring to evaluating and rewarding performance. CSRs receive comprehensive training on systems, processes, procedures, and cultural sensitivity prior to taking the first call. Training is built on adult learning philosophies and includes live coaching and weekly group coaching sessions where stories of success and tips are shared among CSRs. We don’t stop there.

We designed an Employee Ride-Along program to cultivate empathy and a culture of care. Every week, a CSR rides along with a transportation provider for a first-hand experience of our service from the member’s perspective – providing otherwise unattainable and invaluable insights. The CSR then documents and reports on their experience. Not only does this program result in a deeper understanding of the process, but our staff also sees how the driver manages the trip, from dealing with rush hour traffic to finding the correct hospital entrance.

“During their time providing transportation services through Missouri HealthNet, LogistiCare has developed strong relationships with our providers and patients. The company also understands the unique needs of Missouri’s clinics and Medicaid patients. LogistiCare’s knowledge and experience enable them to provide higher quality services.”
Jill Hancock
Missouri Association of Rural Health Clinics


We are focused on creating better outcomes for members through a number of technology and process innovation initiatives related to our transportation services. The investments we’re making provide an improved level of service exceeding client and member expectations in the market. While there are too many to share, here are just a few of the innovative advances LogistiCare is pursuing.


To systematically prevent excess wait times, LogistiCare is implementing GPS technology for real-time , vehicle tracking and performance monitoring.

The system provides a real-time view of transportation vehicles within a specified service area. Vehicles that are on time appear in green. If a vehicle is running late, it appears in orange.


Members can now make a trip request, request a return trip pick-up, complete satisfaction surveys after their trip, or provide feedback (compliment or complaint) all from their smartphones.


Clients can securely access the data repository directly 24/7/365 and create ad hoc reports independently from the identical data LogistiCare uses to generate the standardized reports we provide.




LogistiCare is committed to building stable service delivery networks through trust, mutual benefits and an emphasis on long-term relationships. We’ve successfully built the largest transportation provider network in the industry consisting of more than 5,500 certified providers who take our members to their appointments each year. Our oversight is robust so that member experiences are top-notch and includes:

  • Credentialing Drivers
  • Assigning Trips
  • Validating Claims Prior to Payment
  • Partnering with Public Transit


Collect, Evaluate, Improve, Repeat

LogistiCare serves a diverse community of stakeholders. In order for us to best meet program needs, we must obtain input and feedback from the people impacted by our services. So we brought together transportation providers, facility staff, members, health care associations, and advocacy groups to create a series of Regional Advisory Committees across the country. The committees meet quarterly to foster open dialogue, share information, discuss concerns, and identify successes within the program. LogistiCare then takes the information gleaned from these town hall type meetings back to our operations centers for analysis and makes any necessary program adjustments. Having all our key stakeholders in one room creates an enhanced platform for continuous improvement, conversation, relationship-building, and mutual understanding.


To learn how LogistiCare’s NET services can help improve access to health care while reducing overall costs and missed appointments, please contact:

Caroline Smyth

VP of Sales
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Compassion. Accuracy. Reliability. Efficiency. The support we provide makes all the difference. LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corp. (Nasdaq: PRSC), is the nation's largest provider of non-emergency medical transportation programs for state governments and managed care organizations. A long-time advocate for access to care, the company also supports integrated health care programs that better care coordination efforts, improve outcomes, and ultimately reduce costs.

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