We Care

If you have had an issue with a past trip or you have an on-going issue we should know about, use the form found here.

Our Commitment To Our Members and Riders

We coordinate over 64 million trips each year and every one of them is important to us.

We monitor performance before, during and after each trip. Our expectation is that each trip is safely completed on-time and that all aspects of the service are delivered with compassion and respect.

If the quality of service is ever less than desired, we investigate and respond quickly. Our WeCare feedback system gets your question or concern to the right person quickly and effortlessly so we can make your next experience right.

Our goal is to quickly address and resolve any concerns you may have. If there is a question or problem regarding a scheduled trip reservation, or if you need to schedule a trip or if you need immediate attention, please call the reservation line for your location, which you may find at this link: Reservation Numbers

LogistiCare cares
We transport every person with the respect and dignity they deserve.