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Commitment to community is part of who we are as an organization and what we believe in. Communities across America benefit from LogistiCare’s enrichment efforts at both a local, national, and corporate level. We’re dedicated to improving member outcomes through education and outreach, serving the underserved, and assisting with the positive transformation of health care via analytics and the identification of trends. We’re charged with making a difference. Nowhere is that impact more tangible than in our service to safeguard access to health care.


As the largest non-emergency medical transportation (NET) manager in the country, one of our roles is to leverage data in order to examine trends and deliver insights that help impact decisions around healthcare transportation, treatment, and utilization.

Because of our significant footprint and volume, we’re the only transportation manager suited to provide the most accurate look at what’s happening in the health care industry from a transportation, treatment type, and utilization perspective. When we notice trends that could impact our members’ ability to access care, we collaborate with and educate front-line advocates to ensure they have the information required to demonstrate the needs of the market.


Fighting Alongside Our Members

We provided three million more rides in 2015 than we did in 2014 to and from kidney dialysis centers for our members — quite a jump. While we’re honored to provide such a critical service to those suffering from kidney disease, we also have a personal stake in helping improve the care and outcomes of kidney disease patients.

That’s why LogistiCare is a corporate sponsor of the National Kidney Foundation. Our team has committed to walking in 20 cities across the country this year to support their mission. We have learned that with the right care, provided early and consistently, the progress of kidney disease can be slowed, and even reversed.


Read more about our pledge to fight kidney disease, walk with us, and consider donating yourself at


From serving on local community boards to advocating at the state and federal level, our team is passionate about access for all. Attending community meetings, advising local committees, and meeting with community advocacy groups across the country – these are just some of the ways we collaborate with diverse groups that share a mission of increasing access to health care, especially for those who are struggling and may not have insurance or qualify for Medicaid.

LogistiCare is dedicated to supporting the needs of the under-served. From our Remote Area Medical (RAM) assistance efforts in Virginia – where our volunteers lend a helping hand while our software helps streamline patient registration and tracking – to our efforts with United We Ride (UWR), providing efficient and safe transportation for the underserved in our communities, LogistiCare takes on community health and transportation issues to make lives better with integrity at every turn.


Analytics: Tell the Story with Data

The trends we are seeing are not limited to a sprinkling of data or a few thousand members here and there. In 2015, LogistiCare managed more than 65 million rides for nearly 24 million Medicaid and Medicare members in 39 states and the District of Columbia. It’s why health care foundations and health and human services advocates across the country consistently come to LogistiCare for their research needs.

For those states that have expanded Medicaid, NET transportation for preventative care is on the rise. From 2014 to 2015, we saw a significant increase in NET utilization amongst the expansion population for preventive services in New Jersey (54%) and Nevada (53%) compared to the traditional Medicaid population. At the same time, both the traditional population and the Expansion Group both use NET Services for Mental Health/Substance Abuse as their top two destinations consisting of over forty percent of their total trips.

This finding clearly illustrates that if provided access, expansion members will seek out and utilize preventive services proven to save taxpayer dollars in the long run. We just have to get them there.
Applying analytics to this vast array of data allows LogistiCare not only to track policy, but help inform policy and shape the NET industry. And when we succeed at doing that, we succeed at increasing accessibility to health care in communities across the country.

Preventive health appointments GREW BY 2.2 MILLION RIDES in 2015.


Education and Outreach

We live and breathe health care. Our people are committed to improving the health of our members in communities across the country. We see the toll chronic disease can take on members and their families every day. It’s personal to us. And in our work, we learn quite a bit about keeping people healthy. Preventive health is key and we’re dedicated to helping members understand more. From kidney disease, to Alzheimer’s, to home care to biometric services, we provide relevant and timely information with the goal of educating the community in a way that contributes to our members’ health and well-being.

Compassion. Accuracy. Reliability. Efficiency. The support we provide makes all the difference. LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corp. (Nasdaq: PRSC), is the nation's largest provider of non-emergency medical transportation programs for state governments and managed care organizations. A long-time advocate for access to care, the company also supports integrated health care programs that better care coordination efforts, improve outcomes, and ultimately reduce costs.

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